HOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING (2017) SATB choir and piano

ASCRIBE TO THE LORD (2014) choral anthem for choir and orchestra

REPAST  (2014) for string quartet

CHRIST THE LORD IS RISEN! (2013) an Irish reel for orchestra

THE INCARNATE GOD (2012) for choir and piano

PRAYING MANTIS (2008) for orchestra

HALL OF THE CRUCIFIXION-RESURRECTION (2006) for orchestra and choir

O COME, O COME EMMANUEL (2004) Fl., Bsn., 2 Perc., Harp, Keyboard, Choir SATB

GIFT (2003) film score for solo piano

RUNNING (2002)  for full orchestra

BENEDIC ANIMA MEA DOMINO (2002) 1111, Hn., Vib.,Vln., Cb., Choir SATB

PARTING WITH TIME (2002) oboe, pno., 1 perc., vln., vla, vlc.

MOKELE MBEMBE (2001)  for string quartet

RUNNING (2000) Ob., Cl., 2 Hn., 2 Tpt, Tbn., Eup., Ta., Timp. +3

SIX ETUDES FOR WOODWINDS (1999) for woodwind quartet

FASTING (1999) Ob., Cl., 2 Hn., 2 Tpt, Tbn., Eup., Ta., Timp. +3

EPIPHANY (1999) for solo piano

VIGOR & CONTEMPLATIONS (1993) for solo violin

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