Corb and I collaborated as composer and conductor, respectively, in the spring of 2006 on the Forest Lawn, Glendale, California recording project.  Working with Corb Felgenhour was a personal and professional pleasure while in preparation, rehearsing, recording, and post-recording sessions at 20th Century Fox Studios.  His abilities and creativeness were keen and accurate.  From shifting textures to a complex mixture of harmonies and rhythmic intensity, Corb impressed all in capturing the sights and emotions of the project.  Corb is a skilled, learned, and creative composer who will continue to successfully make his mark in the music arena.
With personal and musical respect,
Stephen Opfer, DMA
Conductor, The Master’s College Orchestra
With continual variation on his use of rhythmic material, Corb Felgenhour infuses his compositions with a contagious energy.  His music has the ability to capture a moment and then let the listener rediscover that moment from a variety of orchestrational perspectives.
Stephen P. Johnson, DMA
Dean, School of Church Music & Associate Professor of Theory & Composition
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
I have had the pleasure to play under Corb Felgenhour’s direction for two musical performances.  Corb makes himself familiar with the score and comes to rehearsal well prepared.  He makes good use of rehearsal time and is able to communicate goals to the performers.  Corb is musical and flexible enough to accommodate for constraints.  His conducting is easy to follow and he is consistent even under the pressures of live performance.  I know Corb to be a fine conductor.
Sheryl Cawrse,
Clarinet, Principle, Firelands Symphony

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