RUNNING (2002)  Premiered January 24, 2002

New Music for Orchestra, Thorton Symphony, Bovard Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA
3333, 4331, Timp. +3, Harp  & strings
8 min.

In coming up with the original thematic elements for ” Running” I interviewed a friend of mine who was a passionate distance runner. We discussed the emotional battle he always plays in his mind as he enters different emotional and physical phases during the course of his run: “hitting the wall”, “breaking through the wall”, “Runner’s High”, etc. He could hear his feet hitting the ground which would beat one steady rhythm while he would listen to his breathing making a different steady pattern against the rhythm of his feet; At the same time he could process all the outside noise swirling in a Doppler effect within his mind as he ran through the city. Having run a little myself, and having the discussion with my runner friend (which was actually much more influential on the piece than my own “jogs”), gave me the inspiration needed to put together the fast polyrhythms, mixed meter, and the layers of rhythmic and melodic complexities.

This work is an expanded version, originating from a chamber piece I had written several years prior.

Click here for Running (full orchestra version)-Perusal Scorerunning_news_post_graphic_square

To purchase scores of Running

RUNNING (2000) for chamber ensemble
Ob., Cl., 2 Hn., 2 Tpt, Tbn., Eup., Ta., Timp. +3
3 min.

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